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Check-in Configuration

The configuration is done through the web-office as usual and is designed to be as simple as possible to get going with the basics, yet as powerful as possible for maximum flexibility if required.

There are three places where you can configure Check-in settings. For quick-start examples of two typical configurations, see Setting up Check-in for Child Check-in or Setting up Check-in for Paid Events.

1. Site Settings

Click one of the Check-in sections below for help with the available settings.

CheckinMenu1 CheckinMenu2 CheckinMenu3 CheckinMenu4 CheckinMenu5 CheckinMenu6 CheckinMenu7

2. Group Settings

These settings are the same as in Check-in Global Settings above, and by default all groups take their values from the Global Settings as well. If you want to change one of the settings to something more specific for a particular group (and all of its sub-groups) then you can override the Global Settings in the Group Settings.

Click this image for help with the group settings.


3. Event Settings

These settings are another chance to override the Global Settings and Group Settings with different values for a specific event (or event series). You can also set custom Check-in groups here.

Click the relevant Check-in tab for more information on these Event-specific settings.