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What’s new in December 2018

If you've been writing to Santa asking him for a new media player or a shiny website calendar then Christmas has come early....!


New Media Player

playerThis has been a long time coming but we hope you think it's worth waiting for. We've updated our media player so that it works well in all browsers and on all devices. It's a brand new interface which should significantly improve the experience of your members no matter how they are viewing or listening to your media. Big screen or small screen, portrait or landscape, desktop or mobile... our player will show your media at its best



Embed YouTube and Vimeo responsively

YouTube and Vimeo's default embed code is not responsive (i.e. it doesn't resize well according to the screen size of the device it is being viewed on). Now, if you insert your YouTube/Vimeo links into our media player module, we'll take care of the details so that your videos will display nicely whatever screen size they are being viewed on.

Will my files still play?
The new player relies on the user's browser to play video/audio files. We no longer load proprietary plugins such as Windows Media Player, but chances are that these only worked for a small range of users anyway. If you stick to common formats such as MP3 (for audio) and MP4 (for video) then these should play on the vast majority of devices.

Coming Soon for Media...

We know that it's not quite as easy as it could be to get your media, documents and images uploaded in the Web Office. We also know that you'd like to be able to include your sermon notes with your recordings. We're working hard on that and hope to have a brand new interface early in the New Year. We'll also be adding to the range of formats that you can use to upload media, to accommodate all commonly used web-friendly formats. Watch this space!

Calendar Improvements


Your events in colour

We know how much there is going on in your churches and so we've now made it much easier for people using your website to see what's important. You can set a colour for any group on your website that has events, and all the events in that group will display using the colour you choose. So, for example, you could make your Sunday services red, your youth events green and your small groups blue. This will make it easy to find them on the calendar. You can also then quickly filter the calendar down to events in a specific group. We've also made the URL of the page update with any changes you make, so you can quickly get a URL to share - for example, you could share a URL which just shows when all your small groups are.Cal Picker

Popping up

Your calendar events now open in a styled pop-up which remains as part of the page, rather than a completely separate pop-up which could get lost - or even blocked by the browser. The URL of the page is updated so you have a location you can link to in order to share your events. The pop-up includes your summary image and a link to the location on Google maps.


Richer descriptions

You can now add images and any formatting that you like to your event descriptions. Or, if you've already got a perfectly crafted article describing your event, you can just link straight to it.

CE Event


Other improvements and bug fixes

Upgrade of payments API

Those of you using the Hubb payment processor, which is based on the Stripe API, will benefit from an upgrade to the latest API version which brings with it significant security enhancements.

Date range on the article list module

You can now set the article list module to display articles which were published between certain dates.

And also....

We're always looking for ways to make things better and we fix bugs as quickly as we can after they are discovered. This time we've ironed out all these issues:

  • Forums are now sorted alphabetically on the Forums tab, rather than randomly
  • Fixed various bugs with previewing individual modules in template editor.
  • The 'photo awaiting approval' icon on the tree in the Web Office didn't always update straight away after a photo had been approved.
  • If someone was on a rota for more than one duty, the event would appear multiple times a calendar module for that person.
  • Fixed some confusing behaviour on the 'change password' behaviour which occurred if you left the fields blank.
  • Payment methods were shown as question marks in option groups (sub-groups of payment groups)
  • When you move a group, it will now be located at the bottom of the new sub-tree, rather than appearing randomly.
  • Fixed some issues with uploading a site logo in the Web Office.
  • Apostrophes now display correctly in the rota double-bookings report.
  • Changes to media recordings (adding, updating, deleting) are now immediately reflected in the Web Office 'search the site'.
  • In module settings you'd get an oddly floating bar with the Save/Preview buttons in the Edge browser. This is now fixed.
  • In the user profile, custom fields were not always displaying according to the user's privacy settings. This is now fixed, and custom fields are now only shown if the user is set to show 'all my details'
  • You can now apply an email template to a rota email (which is used to send copies of the rota to participants)
  • When creating an event using another as a template, it was not always possible to pick events from days which had a large number of events. Now fixed.
  • The location for an event is no longer mandatory. You can choose 'none' from the dropdown list of locations.
  • We've fixed an issue where you'd get an error screen if deleting a user's application to join the site.