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What’s new in August 2019

This release brings a few useful improvements to support you in maintaining the necessary consents for your GDPR compliance and for your work with young people.

Mandatory consent questions

Sometimes it's essential to get someone's consent before you allow them to proceed - for example, it's no good letting someone sign up to a mailing list if they don't give you consent to contact them. Now, when you set up your consent questions, you can stipulate that they are 'mandatory' which means that the consent must be given before the registration or check-in can proceed.


In check-in, previously any consent questions that you specified to be collected during the check-in process would be mandatory. With the new mandatory option on the consent question, the check-in process will respect this setting and so any consent question that isn't mandatory will only be asked once. So, for example, you could ask for permission to take photos of children in children's groups. If this is declined it won't be asked again.

If you are considering a mandatory consent question, it's worth thinking about whether consent is even needed. The GDPR legislation offers a number of lawful bases for processing, and consent isn't always the most appropriate.

Send email without a specific consent

As we just mentioned, consent isn't the only lawful basis for holding someone's data and contacting them. With this in mind, we have made it possible to send a mailing to a group of people irrespective of any consents. 

At the start of the mailing wizard, you have the option to 'Send mailing using another lawful basis'.


Separate consent for guardians and children

In your check-in profiles, you can now specify separate consent questions for the children being checked-in, and for their guardians. For example, on the child, you might want consent to take photos or give a snack, whereas for the guardian you might want consent to send them an email newsletter.

Admin notification when consent changes

You may need to be notified when someone changes their consent. In particular, if someone withdraws their consent you might need to take steps such as removing their details from your records.

We've added a feature so that you can set up notifications when someone changes their consent. Go to the root group of your site, scroll down to the 'Jobs' panel and click the link 'Create/edit notifications for this group', then 'Create notification'. From the first dropdown you can select 'User Consent Granted' or 'User Consent Revoked' and then set who you want notifications sent to.

Other improvements and bug fixes

We're always looking for ways to make things better and we fix bugs as quickly as we can after they are discovered. This time we've ironed out the following issues:

  • When changing the name of a group or article the URL didn't always update straight away with the new name. This is fixed now.
  • We've updated all the places that refer to offline payments as "cash/cheque" to also include "bank transfer".