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Using your website to send emails using a domain email address

We've had a few questions about emailing from your website so I thought I'd clarify a few points here.

Your emails and your website are completely separate, we don't normally provide your emails, but you can use any email address that you already own to send emails from the web office providing this email address has an SPF record to verify our server is permitted to send emails on behalf of your domain. There is an article about SPF records here.

If an SPF record is not set up then you will most likely see a lot of your emails bouncing back as email providers will need to be able to verify that you give permission for your domain to send emails from our server. You can check and see if you've got a valid SPF record here. If you don't have an SPF record set up to include our server I'd recommend adding one before you send any email from the website.

Even though you are emailing from the web office you won't receive your replies there, these will come directly to the inbox for the email address you already own, whether this is set up in an email client on your computer or your phone, or via webmail.

site-email-addressThe default site email address is set up in the site profile page under the site settings – []/Admin/Config/Profile.aspx  This will be the email address the system will use for any system emails, like password resets and rota reminders, and will be the 'From' address for any emails that are sent by admins who don't have a domain email address in their user record.

This can be overridden for individual system emails in the system emails section in the site settings.


default-from-and-reply-to-emaiWhen an admin logs into the web office to send an email, if they have a domain email address in their site profile then this will be listed as the 'From' and 'Reply to' address. If they don't have a domain email address then the site email address will be listed as the 'From' address and their own email will be listed as the 'Reply to' address as in the example on the right.

Both of these addresses can be overridden by selecting the drop down option on the right and selecting 'other' and inputting the address you want to use. You shouldn't set the 'From' address to be an address that can't be verified with an SPF record.

If you are using a non domain email address we would recommend that you only set this as the 'Reply to' address and use a email address as the 'From' email address. This will enable emails to be delivered and any replies will go to the 'Reply to' address that you have set.

If you have any questions about this please email