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Have us style your app for you 

We would love to style your app for you. This is a free service :)

This involves:

1) Creating a nice icon for mobile devices
2) Creating a nice icon to be displayed on the header area of the app
3) Setting the colours to suit your logo/brand

If you would like the above styling to be done for your app, please fill in the form below.

1. Layout

You can choose to use the basic grid layout. This is a simple that is easy to use.

You can choose to use the content view that features upcoming events and recent media. This layout looks more engaging and gives your users quicker access to the main features they want to use. This layout will require you to have images set for your featured events (But if you forget the odd one we have written some smart code to put a nice generic abstract image in place).

2. Styling

By default, your app will be our standard design. The default style is clean, professional and tidy. But, it won’t be personal to your church.

You can fill in our form and let us know you would like us to match the styling of the app to your logo/brand. 

App Styling Form

Your Details

Your Name
Your email address
Your Role
Can you confirm you have the authority to act on your church's behalf, and you have administrator access to the web office?
  Yes - Confirm

Your Church

What's the name of your church?
What's your church website address?


Which layout would you like? Both are FREE  :)
  Basic - Grid
  Advanced - Events & Media feed


Would you like to have the colours personalised?
  Yes - please style my app!
  No thanks
How shall we get your logo?
  Please take it from my website
  I will email it to
Any information you can give us that's helpful to us customising the style of the app for you?