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What’s new in July 2021

Along with a new name, we're bringing you the usual round of feature updates and fixes.

ChurchInsight is now Hubb.Church

New name, same great team and product! We let you know last year that we were changing our name and from today you will start to see these changes rolled out. Our platform, ChurchInsight, will become Hubb.Church and our company, Endis Ltd, will be known as Hubb Digital.

The name change reflects a fresh new look for the product that you know and love, along with our brand new app which you are already familiar with. Please rest assured that we have not been sold or taken over - we are still the same company with the same name, and the same desire to serve the church.

You'll see the new branding in the Web Office and your website footers and you can check out our new website at You may still see the old Endis and ChurchInsight domains in a few places for a while, but you can contact us right away on our new support email address - As always, we're delighted to hear your feedback.


Darken images for overlay text


In the image editor, we've added a brightness slider. This makes it really easy to darken your images – great for adding overlay text in your slideshows.

Other improvements and bug fixes

We're always looking for ways to make things better and we fix bugs as quickly as we can after they are discovered. This release is no exception and here's a rundown of the other things we've done. 
  • In Query, there's now a column option for 'Title & Full Name' which is useful for generating address labels.
  • Also in Query, we've fixed the multi-line address when exporting PDF labels – in the PDF these were all going onto one line.
  • If you replace an image in an article the old image would sometimes still appear due to browser caching. We've changed some configuration which should more clearly tell browsers to check for an updated image.
  • We've added some additional CSS classes to the resource booking request form in the app, which means it can be more easily customised (e.g. to hide fields that you don't want to display)
  • When choosing the 'suppress emails' option in payment imports, admin notification emails are now also suppressed.
  • Some shop orders with failed PayPal payments weren't appearing in the shop. We no longer actively support PayPal as a payment method in the shop, but we have corrected the bug which was preventing these orders appearing.
  • User records created in an import were defaulting to share some information in the address book with other (logged in) site users. We have changed this so that, consistent with user records created in the Web Office, no information is shared unless this option is explicitly chosen.
  • We've corrected a couple of bugs which meant that some conflicts were incorrectly flagged in batch user merges.
  • Numerous other minor bug fixes (we'll contact you if you reported a bug which has been fixed in this release).