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What’s new in December 2021

This release sees a facelift for your payment pages, bringing a much improved event booking experience for your members and visitors.
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Brand new event booking and donations features

We've overhauled 'payment groups' which enable you to take all sorts of online payments including one-off and recurring donations, conference/event bookings or recurring subscriptions.
Support Document is in the works!
We really wanted to release this before Christmas and it was a big push by the team. We will work on support videos to help you get up to speed on this useful feature :)

In this first phase, the emphasis has been on giving your end-users a vastly improved and more intuitive experience, making it easy for them to book themselves and their guests into your events. These are the headlines:
  • All payment groups and pages have consistent look and feel - there are no more fiddly templates
  • Payment groups which take bookings or payments from a single person (no guests on the booking) are presented in a simple single page. Those which allow multiple delegates with their own options have an intuitive step by step interface.
  • Bookers can easily add members of their family and other guests.
We've had a good tidy-up in the Web Office as well so some settings have a new home and we've consolidated some of the tabs to make it easier to find the setting you're looking for. There are also some brand new features that you can use when setting up your payment group:
  • You can now determine whether fields appear based on age. For example, for a child, you might not need their email address but you do need their date of birth and medical information.
  • New discount options
    • Buy 'X' get 'Y' free
    • Apply discounts to the most expensive or to the cheapest delegates
    • Individual single-use discount codes.
  • Set capacity limits. If your room has a capacity of 100, for example, then you can set this limit on the 'Choices' tab (previously known as 'Options') and the option will show as 'fully booked' once the capacity is reached. This should be considered a 'beta' feature for now and doesn't quite manage the capacity in real time so two groups could book at roughly the same time and take you over the capacity.
We're always happy to hear your feedback, so let us know how this works for you!

Other improvements and bug fixes

We're always looking for ways to make things better and we fix bugs as quickly as we can after they are discovered. This release is no exception. We'll contact you if we've fixed a bug you've raised.