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Shop Introduction

The shop/store functionality enables you to sell physical and digital goods through your website. This article gives an overview of the shop functionality.

Selling your own Physical Goods

You can sell your own physical goods through your website and charge delivery costs where applicable. In order to receive payments from your Hubb website you will first need to register with a payment processor (sometimes called a payment gateway) to take payments securely. You will need to set up a Hubb Stripe account to take payments, there are instructions on how to set this up in step two in the article on online giving.

Once you have a payment gateway set up you'll need to create your shop catalogue and set delivery prices accordingly. For help with this see our shop implementation guide .

You can issue refunds, set up delivery pricing for different regions and send confirmation emails.

Selling Digital Products

You can add digital items to your catalogue in a very similar way to how you add physical items. See How do I add a digital item to my shop? for the steps involved.