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What is check-in?


Hubb has always provided basic attendance tracking and reporting, but until now whether someone was at an event has had to be entered by an administrator in the web office. At the most basic level, Check-in upgrades the Attendance feature with a self-service kiosk to allow attendees to check themselves into events.

However, Check-in is much more than that - we’re working hard to make sure it’s the most powerful church Check-in system available with features like:

  • guest registration
  • child and guardian features
  • data collection
  • security checks
  • highly flexible configuration
  • support for any device size from mobiles and tablets to large touch-screen kiosks
  • local and remote label printers
  • text messaging
  • barcode and QR code scanner support

Check-in is completely flexible and can be adapted to suit your needs – from a small church using it for child check-in for a single children’s group, to a large church using it for multi-group child-check-in on Sundays and conference delegates during the week.



There are lots of ways that you can make use of Check-in, but a common scenario is for Child Check-in during church services:

  • When families arrive at church, they can register the children themselves using self-service kiosks, with just a few taps.
  • A name label is printed for each child that includes a security code, and a small label is printed for the parent/guardian with a matching code.
  • The children then go to their groups (either straight away or after going into the beginning of the service with their parents/guardians) and at this point the barcode on their name label is scanned to mark them as Checked-in.
  • When the parent/guardian comes to collect their child, they present their label with security code and the leader checks that this matches the child’s name label.
  • Additionally, the child’s name label can be scanned again to mark them as Checked-out and display any notes for the parent/guardian about incidents that occurred during the group.

These steps are all optional - you might just use Check-in for small bible study groups with no labels or special hardware but where the leader simply marks people as attended on their smartphone.

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